Areas of Practice


Jack Tandy has thirty years experience as a trial judge in criminal law. He has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from traffic charges to murder trials. He has conducted over 150 jury trials, the vast majority of them in the criminal arena. He has the ability to assess the best possible resolution for a person facing criminal charges. Jack Tandy will help you reach the best possible result.



Tandy Law, LLC will help guide you through the challenges that a family law case can bring.  Whether it is divorce, paternity, child support,child custody and visitation issues, or adoption, Jack Tandy will aggressively represent you to reach the best possible result in your family law matter knowing that these types of cases can be some of the most emotionally challenging and are most important to our clients.



Tandy Law, LLC can help you reach a fair and efficient resolution of your case without going to court. You as the client can control the result of your case rather than putting your fate in the hands of a judge or jury where you have little input into the final result. Tandy Law, LLC can schedule your mediation quickly and provide you an efficient and cost effective way to resolve your case in the best possible way.



Tandy Law, LLC can write your Last Will and Testament to fulfill your testamentary wishes as well and plan your estate to maximize the benefits for your family and loved ones. Tandy Law, LLC can also help you administer the estate of a loved one at reasonable rates and in a most efficient manner.



Tandy Law, LLC can review a trial that you or a loved one have been involved to identify legal issues that are likely to be reviewed by an appellate court to reach a favorable result. Jack Tandy is uniquely qualified to review a trial based on his thirty years of experience as a trial judge. The results of a trial are not always fair or legally correct, and the job of the appellate courts is to help correct these mistakes. Tandy Law, LLC can help identify and bring these important issues to the attention of an appellate court so the correct result can be reached. 



If you are injured in an accident of any kind, Tandy Law, LLC will discuss your case with you free of charge. We will aggressively pursue your full recovery. No fees unless you recover.



Tandy Law, LLC is uniquely suited for the small business owner to provide quality legal services at a fair price. We will give you the individual attention you and your business deserves to plan to avoid legal difficulties as well as help you with any legal challenges that may come your way.