Tandy Law LLC criminal defense lawyer

Criminal Law

Jack Tandy has thirty years experience as a trial judge in criminal law. He has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from traffic charges to murder trials. He has conducted over 150 jury trials, the vast majority of them in the criminal arena. He has the ability to assess the best possible resolution for a person facing criminal charges. There’s no better choice for your Shelbyville, IN criminal defense attorney.

Felony Charges

Facing a felony criminal charge is terrifying. You need support and expert advice from an attorney who knows how to defend your freedom.

Jack Tandy has years of experience serving as a judge. He has tried criminal cases and he understands how the law works better than most. If you need legal defense representation, Tandy Law, LLC is your best choice.

Misdemeanor Charges

Minor crimes can come with serious penalties. Whether you’re facing a traffic ticket, or another misdemeanor offense, without legal defense, you’re subject to the Court’s final decision. You need a lawyer who will fight to protect your interests. That’s where Tandy Law, LLC comes in.

Operating While Intoxicated

In the state of Indiana, a OVWI or drunk driving offense comes with hefty consequences. The court has the power to revoke your driver’s license, apply heavy fines, and sentence you to serve time in jail. The same penalties can apply to people who are charged with driving under the influence of a drug besides alcohol.  For Jack Tandy, your rights and freedom are his first priority.

Domestic Violence

The emotional and financial stakes of circumstances involving assault and intentional harm to others in your home are high. Telling your story and making sense of the emotionally charged situation should be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. Jack Tandy knows the ins and outs of domestic violence cases. He can help you find resolution in court so that you can get on with life.

Juvenile Crimes

Young people sometimes make decisions that could seriously impact the rest of their lives. The courts don’t look favorably towards any crime, even when it’s committed by a minor. Juvenile court matters need to be handled by an attorney who has navigated the complexities of these kinds of cases. Jack is an expert in handling juvenile criminal charges.


Having a criminal record means struggling to find success. It makes finding a decent job difficult, and follows you wherever you go. If you need your record expunged so that you can get an advantage in your life, Tandy Law, LLC is your number one advocate.

Probation Violations

When you’re on probation, you have to follow strict rules and keep to the straight and narrow path. But, sometimes it’s hard to stay in line. When you’ve made the mistake of violating probation, you can depend on Jack to fight for you. He knows what it takes to make sense of your mistakes and defend your rights to a judge.