Civil Rights

All Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law by the 14th Amendment. Civil rights is an issue that persists in our modern society. Finding a Civil Rights Attorney with expert knowledge is no easy task.

Jack Tandy has expert knowledge and experience representing victims of discrimination. He has more than 20 years of experience as a judge. He knows how the courtroom works.

Civil Rights Law is a complex area of practice. Hiring the wrong legal representation can cost your whole case. You deserve fair compensation for emotional, physical, and financial damages resulting from discrimination. You deserve a civil rights lawyer who will fight for you.

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Wrongful Convictions

The number of wrongful convictions in our system is astounding. Jack Tandy takes these cases very seriously. Only an experienced Civil Rights attorney can navigate the system to represent you and get your life back on track. Mr. Tandy was a judge for over 30 years. He knows the system and can give you the representation you need.

Police Brutality

Most police officers are good people. They have gone into a very noble profession that is not an easy one. However, just as with every industry, there are also abuses of power. Jack Tandy is prepared to take these cases and get you the justice you deserve.

Excessive Force by Police

If you were hurt while being arrested or while in custody, you may have a case. Please call for a free consultation.

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Personal Injury

Car and commercial trucking accidents happen every day in Indiana. More than 1,000 people were killed in auto-related collisions in 2016. And the rates of injuries and deaths are rising each year.

Criminal Law

Jack has thirty years of experience as a trial judge in criminal law. He has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from traffic charges to murder trials. He has conducted over 150 jury trials,

Family Law

Divorce is often the hardest thing a person can go through. The labyrinth of dividing property and deciding on parenting time is a scary prospect to face. If you’re facing the obstacles of a divorce,


Tandy Law, LLC can help you reach a fair and efficient resolution of your case without going to court. You as the client can control the result of your case rather than putting your fate in the hands

Other Legal Services

Mr. Tandy has a wide array of experience that can serve several types of legal cases. If you need legal help but you aren’t quite sure what kind, Call us today with your situation.

About Jack Tandy

Jack A. Tandy was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 21, 1957. He graduated from Franklin Central High School and Wabash College. He graduated from Wabash Magna Cum Laude and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa scholastic fraternity. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis in 1982

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RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Jack Tandy announces his retirement from the practice of law effective November 1, 2022. He is no longer accepting new clients and is in the process of winding up his current clients’ matters. If you have a need for an attorney, Jack suggests you contact Mr. Isaac Trolinder at 317-620-1774 or Ms. Martha Showers at 317-643-6136. Both attorneys are in the same office building as Mr. Tandy and he will available to assist them as necessary. Mr. Tandy will continue to conduct mediations after November 1st if the parties are willing to make one of their offices available for the mediation. Mediations can continue to be scheduled by contacting Jack at